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The Muggles Association of Columbia brings the magical world of "Harry Potter" and other fandoms to life through in-depth discussions, debates, activities, and community events relevant to topics in literature and entertainment, including an annual student-run convention. All Wizards, Witches, and Muggles are welcome!

Join us at our weekly meetings every Monday at 5:00PM in the Library (624 S. Wabash Ave. 3rd floor reading room)

Ava Thommen

Vice President of Events
Skye Roessler

Vice President of Marketing
Jude Valentin

Finance Director
Sareh Maani

Events Coordinator
Mariah Suarez

Primary SOC Representative
Mariah Suarez 

Secondary SOC Representative
Ava Thommen

Faculty Advisor
Joy Thornton

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ColumCon 2017 3/5/2017

ColumCon 2017 3/4/2017

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