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AlphaLab is a club devoted to the furthering of the Columbia College Chicago game-making community.

Our goals are as follows:
- Enlarging our working portfolios
- Teaching students something new every week, preferably something outside their concentration
- Practicing working together in a friendly environment
- Giving newer students a chance to do/learn more about game creation without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed
- Providing a social atmosphere for all Columbia students interested in the game-making process.

We host workshops, events, and discussions every Friday from 5-6pm in room 142 of the 916 S. Wabash building (1st floor).

Contact us at and don't forget to join our Facebook group!

Adan Benitez

Vice President
Timothy Chatman

Adrian Ratuit

Primary SOC Representative
Adan Benitez

Alternate SOC Representative
Timothy Chatman

Faculty Advisor
Janell Baxter

Group Type

Media Arts

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