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Emma Olivia

Emma Olivia 11/14/2018

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Abbie Alaric

Abbie Alaric 10/26/2018

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Celina Atangana

Celina Atangana left a positive review 10/1/2018


Celina Atangana

Celina Atangana left a positive review 8/30/2018

Loved the movie and the discussion (fight) afterwards

Luke Moss

Luke Moss left a positive review 8/30/2018

It started out awesome. The introduction by the referee was promising and the audience responded to the movie enthusiastically at various comedic moments. I was looking forward to the debate after the movie about the ethics of watching, enjoying, and/or promoting a movie with a problematic (allegedly sexually abusive) star actor (James Franco). The debate quickly turned into a passionate, opinionated, and impolite pandemonium as students screamed their opinions until they were inevitably interrupted as soon as they said something remotely controversial or incoherent. I could hardly hear over the uproar and upheaval yet enjoyed the chaos and confusion from a socio-psychological perspective. I encourage students to attend at least one of these as nothing quite compares to the experience of this appropriately named Cinema Slapdown.

Alicia Allison Mha

Alicia Allison Mha left a positive review 4/13/2016

The movie was a great view of Chicago and challenges faced living on the South side. Thank you, for the opportunity.

Sierra Rivero

Sierra Rivero left a positive review 11/3/2015

It was very nice to see what other students are up to, and what kind of abilities they all bring to the table.

Kubilay Uner

Kubilay Uner posted a photo 10/20/2015


Diamond left a positive review 9/6/2015

Great choice of movies and was very organized. I would love to have more movie nights