Queens Dinner in Celebration of Women's (Her)story Month

Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 5:15pm to 7:00pm

Stage Two Lobby, 2nd floor 618 South Michigan

The Queens dinner is an exciting opportunity for Women of color to be empowered through conversation, affirmation and contemplation on the beautiful complexities that come with spiritual social and cultural development in a Patriarchal  society. Come and hear a dynamic keynote address that explores and  encourages women how to navigate laterally on the corporate ladder to success. .  keynote address, cultural presentations and a light meal will be provided to place some spring zest into the closing of this school year. Join  African American Cultural Affairs  in yet another enriching social programming initiative.

We look forward to your presence and ask that all interested stop by the office on the fourth floor of the Multicultural affairs office 618 South Michigan there are twenty five seats reserved for quests any questions comments or concerns please contact Kimberly Weatherly at  kweatherly@colum.edu


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Students, Student Diversity and Inclusion



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