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Auditions for "The Fox on the Fairway"

Auditions for
By Ken Ludwig
Directed by Matthew Masino

A modern-day American romp, The Fox on the Fairway is constructed in the old-fashioned British style of farce with an elaborate plot and dizzy characters.  The play spins around a golf tournament and pulls the rug out from underneath the stuffy members of a private country club.  Filled with mistaken identities, slamming doors, and over-the-top romantic shenanigans, it's a charmingly madcap adventure about love, life, and man's eternal love affair with... golf.

Auditions are on Thursday, September 13 and Friday, September 14. Sign-ups are available now on the third floor of the Theatre Building (72 E 11th). Callbacks will take place on Monday, September 17 from 6—10p.m.

Please prepare a one to two-minute comedic monologue in the style of the show. Experience with farce or physical comedy is a plus. All actors are encouraged to audition regardless of gender, race, or body type.

If you have any questions or would like a copy of the script, email director, Matthew Masino at

JUSTIN HICKS—Bingham’s new eager-to-please assistant who volunteers his services as a golfer to help Quail Valley win the golf tournament. Romantically involved with Louise; anxious, jittery, funny, and ever enthusiastic. He/him.

LOUISE HEINDBEDDER—a waitress at the Quail Valley Country Club. A knockout who is good-natured, innocent, and open; a little ditzy and in a world of her own. She gets engaged to Justin early on. She feels big and can bawl at a moment’s notice. She/her.

HENRY BINGHAM—director of the Quail Valley Country Club. Witty and cynical, he has an ongoing feud with Dickie Bell and gets into high-stakes bet on a golf tournament, determined to do what it takes to win. He is unhappy in his marriage to Muriel and helplessly attracted to Pamela. He/him.

PAMELA PEABODY—a member of the Quail Valley Country Club. A beautiful and sophisticated woman, but a bit loose and a bit of a drinker; savvy and confident with real sex appeal. Throughout the play she plots with Bingham to help the Quail Valley Country Club win the tournament and eventually falls for him. She/her.

DICKIE BELL—the director of the rival Crouching Squirrel Country Club. He gets into a high-stakes wager with Bingham. A bit obnoxious, including his fashion sense, but tries to come off as good-natured; Pamela’s ex and has a thing for Bingham’s wife, Muriel. He/him.

MURIEL BUNGHAM—Bingham’s wife, who runs an antique shop, which becomes part of the bet between Henry and Dickie. Lover of antiques and not a lover of golf. She/her.

Friday, September 14, 2018 at 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Theatre Center, Room 301
72 E. 11th Street, Chicago, IL, 60605

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