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HAUS, a multi-purpose space located within the Quincy Wong Center for Artistic Expression, functions both as a hangout and study area for students as well as an events space.  The room has a small stage and backstage area and was recently renovated to have a nightclub feel.  HAUS is best suited for concerts, comedy acts, and readings.

623 S Wabash Ave, Chicago IL 60605

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WTPS FM Chicago 8581 ('On the Scene' ): Come and Meet DJ Josey Mayables INC Company

WTPS FM Chicago 8581: Chicago's Very Own & Around Town Featuring... Main Host... Josey Ann Maybles a.k.a Judith K. Thompson/Anderson & WTPS FM Chicago...

3/20/2020 11am

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Rachel Fife

Rachel Fife left a positive review 10/24/2018

It was a lot of fun. However, the event did not quite match the description of the event. It said that we were going to dance in an enchanted setting and it told us to dress as either fairies, centeurs, unicorns, or woodland creatures. However, everyone just dressed in what they wanted. This is all fine, I just think that the description of the event should not say that you dance in an enchanted setting limiting the suggested costumes to the ones listed in the event description. They should have specified that you can dress in whatever you like.

I liked that there were no drugs or drinking. I wasn't too crazy about a lot of the music that was chosen, especially songs that some might feel are inappropriate, with swearing and talk about sex. But then again, that is just me.

Kristen Bauer

Kristen Bauer posted a photo 3/22/2017

Consent Rocks Concert 2016 Consent Rocks Concert 2016

W Dennis Percevecz Jr

W Dennis Percevecz Jr left a positive review 1/20/2017

It was really good. I have a wonderful time.

James Raner

James Raner left a positive review 12/7/2016

It was informative & interestingly funny!!!

Ashton Tregoning

Ashton Tregoning posted a photo 4/7/2015

Sage Morgan-Hubbard

Sage Morgan-Hubbard left a positive review 2/10/2013

This was a wonderful multimedia show combining different departments and concepts of dance, theater and technology. Can't wait to have more artists like this come to campus


HAUS posted a photo 4/24/2014

McKenzie Birmingham

McKenzie Birmingham posted a photo 9/25/2013

Jane Cox

Jane Cox posted a photo 4/3/2013

Electronic Hip Hop and Underground Artists Electronic Hip Hop and Underground Artists

Danny Agama

Danny Agama left a positive review 2/10/2013

Really cool super awesome show. Very fun so I loved it.