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Television Arts Collective is an independent student production group dedicated to collaborating across different departments to create work in the spirit of Columbia's dedication to collaboration and creativity. Our organization creates unique web content utilizing the resources provided by the college and the talents of Columbia's student body.

Meetings every Monday at 6:30pm at 600 S. Michigan Ave., Studio B on the 15th Floor.

Kayla Flory

Hawk Thottupuram

Vice President
Patrick Jennings

Joe Hanson

Pierluigi Cassino

Primary SOC Representative
Grant Dunderman

Secondary SOC Representative
Patrick Jennings

Faculty Advisor
Michael Niederman

Group Type

Media Arts

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Nick Canonaco

Nick Canonaco 2/8/2018

Hey I am in TAC. I attended last semester. But this semester, I have a class during the club meeting. I am interested in making more projects. Shoot me an email at

Josh Walker

Josh Walker 2/5/2015

Hey I'm interested in joining the club, but there's no info here on when and where you guys meet. If you could shoot me an email at with that info it'd be much appreciated. Thanks