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Columbia College Chicago Feminist Club (C3F for short) creates a safe space for people of all gender identities to come together to support, advocate for, discuss, and think through the complexities of gender inequality. The club welcomes students who care about issues surrounding gender, including but not limited to the rights of all women and the communities which women inhabit. C3F strives to host and attend events that will raise awareness and educate the Columbia community on the continued need to work towards equality while exploring and examining all the facets of what it means to be a feminist.

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Bree Bracey

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Izzy French

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Hannah Baker

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Bree Bracey

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Susan Kerns


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Media Arts

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Katharine Hope

Katharine Hope 10/3/2015

Dear Women in Film Club,
I'd love to be a part of what you're doing! Do you hold meetings on a regular basis or host events I could attend? Love and gratitude!