Science and Math Colloquium: "Education as a Two-Way Highway"

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 5:00pm to 6:00pm

600 S. Michigan Ave., Ferguson Auditorium 600 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605

 “Education as a two-way information highway:  how research helps physics instructors and students learn from each other"

Students often see their learning in high school or college (especially lectures) as a process where the knowledge of the instructor is transmitted to their heads or notebooks in a one-way fashion. The push for interactivity in instruction is growing, as is the need to know what information and attitudes students bring into the classroom. Many scientific and mathematical fields now have discipline-based researchers dedicated to the study of learning. Physics education research (PER) practitioners assess student learning in physics and use that data to design engaging and effective labs and activities.  

In this talk, I will show how the study of student surveys, interviews, and even "cheat sheets" informs instructors on how best to promote conceptual learning and positive beliefs about science. I will also show off some interactive demonstrations informed by PER, so come prepared to watch and discuss them!

This lecture will be presented by Dr. Timothy McCaskey, Department of Science and Mathematics, Columbia College Chicago


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Science and Mathematics, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Free and open to the public.

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