“Bringing it Home from Paris: Three Latin American Women Embrace Modernism”

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Chicago Cultural Center, Garland Room, First Floor 78 E. Washington, Chicago, IL 60602

“Bringing it Home from Paris: Three Latin American Women Embrace Modernism” will share the music, art, and words of three Latin American women who travelled to Paris and embraced the Modernist artistic movement of the 1920s.

These three women left their homelands in Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela, picked up modernist intellectual ideas in Paris and integrated these new ideas into their work when they returned to Latin America. Lia Cimaglia Espinosa (1906-1998) was an Argentine pianist and composer, whose work was influenced by French modernism. Tarsila do Amoral (1886-1973) was a Brazilian visual artist trained in Paris in the 1920s and whose work weaved traditional Brazilian themes and subjects with surrealism and cubism. Teresa de la Parra (1889-1936) was a Venezuelan writer whose work reflected modernist literary trends.

The Modernist movement began in Europe, arguing that "traditional" forms of art, literature, religion, and daily life were becoming outdated in the new economic, social, and political conditions of the industrialized world. For these women, Modernism represented a break with the past, a reassessment of tradition, as well as a rejection of the colonial period and the Europeanized culture of the 19th century.



Suzanne Flandreau, is the Former Head Librarian and Archivist, Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College Chicago (retired).

Nancy Van Kanegan, an interdisciplinary artist, teaches in the Art + Design Department at Columbia College Chicago.

RoseAnna Mueller, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Humanities in the Department of Humanities, History and Social Science at Columbia College Chicago and author of Teresa de la Parra: A Literary Life, which is the first comprehensive study of the author for English-speaking readers

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