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Thursday, June 24

Gaspilleur Studio

Gallery Hours: Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Capacity of gallery is 10 visitors and masks are required. Featuring the work of 2020 Pougialis Award winners...

Gaspilleur Studio: Working Sessions

10:30am-5pm Every Tuesday and Thursday, In C33 Gallery gallery window space Watch the artists perform and work in the window of C33 Gallery. These sessions...

C33 Gallery
Stream Available
Paramodernities, lunchtime talk #3

Join us for a free, lunchtime pre-performance conversation about some of the ideas explored in Paramodernities on Zoom. Then come see the work discussed in a...

Virtual Event
Paramodernities, night #3

Paramodernities offers an utterly unique hybrid of academic conference, dance performance, and town hall gathering. Join for one evening of these screened...

Thursday, June 24