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Wednesday, February 24


February 19-March 25, 2021 Gallery Hours: Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Capacity of gallery is 10 visitors and masks are required. HYPERLINK​​ is an...

Involvement Week: Get to Know Manifest!

The Manifest Urban Arts Festival happens every May here at Columbia College Chicago. We have turned the festival into a weeklong virtual event where students...

Virtual Event
Lecture in Photography: Carmen Winant

Watch the video here: Carmen Winant is an artist and writer based in Columbus, Ohio whose work in Reproductive uses text and...

Virtual Event
Involvement Week: Glee Watch Party

Come watch Glee with us over Netflix Watch Party!

Virtual Event
Involvement Week: Mending Workshop

Join FSC with your mending projects, crafts, and snacks! We'll be hanging out, happy to help with any mending or sustainability questions you may have. :)

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Wednesday, February 24