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Thursday, May 7

#everyspaceisamakerspace Social Media Project

If you're home and looking for creative ways to fill your time, follow @makerspacecolum on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Makerspace team will be...

Career Center LIVE

Join us on Instagram @ColumCareer, as we go live throughout the semester to discuss various career-related topics, have conversations with industry...

Virtual Event
Codex Express Yourself: Student Book Exhibit Online!

A display, "Codex Express Yourself, Spring 2020 Edition" featured one-of-a-kind artist books by Columbia College Chicago (CCC) undergraduate students...

Virtual Event
Manifest Game Jam

For the 2020 Manifest Game Jam, students will come together remotely to collaborate on a brand new game project. The project will be developed from concept...

Virtual Event
Graphic stating "Silver Linings with Jacob Coker, Thursdays, 3pm"

Silver Linings is brought to you by Loft Assistant, Jacob. The vlog will feature Jacob discussing three main subjects: professional development, keeping...

"Columbia Horror Picture Show" - Weekly Screening

Columbia Horror Picture Show - We are the Horror movie club of Columbia College Chicago and we screen scary movies in the dark.

Caitlin's Corner: Mommy & Me

Join Loft Assistant Caitlin featuring her mother! They will do different challenges or test out self care ideas chosen by the students weekly. Come see what...

Aurin Woods Senior Recital

Music student Aurin Woods will give their senior performance!

Student Piano Recital #5

Columbia piano students will perform at the Sherwood Concert hall.

Thursday, May 7