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Monday, May 4

#everyspaceisamakerspace Social Media Project

If you're home and looking for creative ways to fill your time, follow @makerspacecolum on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Makerspace team will be...

Career Center LIVE

Join us on Instagram @ColumCareer, as we go live throughout the semester to discuss various career-related topics, have conversations with industry...

Virtual Event
Codex Express Yourself: Student Book Exhibit Online!

A display, "Codex Express Yourself, Spring 2020 Edition" featured one-of-a-kind artist books by Columbia College Chicago (CCC) undergraduate students...

Virtual Event
Manifest Game Jam

For the 2020 Manifest Game Jam, students will come together remotely to collaborate on a brand new game project. The project will be developed from concept...

Virtual Event
Graphic stating "Gaming Connect with Dorian (PS4 & Switch) Mondays @ 5:30pm"

Join Loft Assistant Dorian on the PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch for some online gaming community. Connect online to play a specific game each week! The...

Virtual Event
Self Defense

A self defense workshop class led by an experienced professional looking to educate students on how to stay safe.

The Art House

Come view and discuss underrepresented, experimental, and international art cinema.

American Roots Ensemble in Concert

Columbia's American Roots Ensemble will perform a range of your favorite hits.

Gospel Choir and Gospel Repertory Ensemble in Concert

Join Columbia's Gospel Choir and Gospel Repertory Ensemble for an evening of unforgettable Gospel music!

Movie Monday

Join SDI every Monday for an online movie screening! Head over to @columbiachisdi on Instagram every week for details!

Monday, May 4