Saturday, April 28

Apocalypse, USA Exhibit

Apocalypse, USA Exhibit

In an unstable world, who knows how the world will end—climate change? zombies? the rapture? alien attack? nuclear holocaust? giant rabbits? Join us for a...

Library, 1st and 2nd Floor  
The Conference of the Birds

The Conference of the Birds 2pm

Without the presence of Simorgh—a mythical bird from Iranian mythology—the birds of the world have no direction. To find their beloved King, the flock must...

Theatre Center, Studio 404  
Take 1 Film Fest

Take 1 Film Fest 3pm

Come for Preview Days, stay to see finalist films and work by Cinema and Television Arts Foundations students at this juried festival. A Q&A with the...

Film Row Cinema, 8th Floor  
FreqOut 2018

FreqOut 2018 6pm

FREQOUT is Columbia's annual live sketch-comedy show in the style of "SNL." A cumulative project of the Cinema and Television Arts department, the show is...

Media Production Center  

Saturday, April 28