Friday, April 20

Apocalypse, USA Exhibit

Apocalypse, USA Exhibit

In an unstable world, who knows how the world will end—climate change? zombies? the rapture? alien attack? nuclear holocaust? giant rabbits? Join us for a...

Library, 1st and 2nd Floor  
Lindsey Higgins, Empty Spaces

Lindsey Higgins, Empty Spaces 9am

Empty Spaces is an installation inspired by the unfamiliarity within familiar spaces. The work uses color to exemplify the connection between two forms.

C33 Gallery  
Manifest T-Shirt Distribution

Manifest T-Shirt Distribution 9am

STUDENTS – Grab your FREE Manifest t-shirt March 26th through May 9th from the Loft and the Workroom. Have your student ID ready! Workroom Hours: Monday -...

623 S. Wabash Ave.  

Waterworld 9am

Can you see it coming? Late at night when you are in a deep sleep you feel it—breathing like waves across the sea. Waves across time. We never understood...

Glass Curtain Gallery  
Get Savvy Webinar: Establish Healthy Credit

Get Savvy Webinar: Establish Healthy Credit 12pm

University of Illinois Extensions is hosting a segment on establishing healthy credit as part of their Get Savvy Grow Your Green Stuff series. This webinar...

Queer &

Queer & 2pm

Queer & is an on campus student organization that centers the intersections within the queer community. We hope to not only educate each other, but celebrate...

Student Diversity and Inclusion Space  
Portfolio Pop-Up! with Special Guest Esther K. Smith of Purgatory Pie Press

Portfolio Pop-Up! with Special Guest Esther K.... 4pm

Portfolio Pop-Ups are a fun, open social forum for sharing your portfolio-in-progress with peers, Career Center specialists, and special guests Columbia's...

Career Center  
A Squared Showcase

A Squared Showcase 6pm

Join Asian Student Organization for our annual spring showcase! "Facets & Intersections" is our topic for this year. Immerse yourself in art and performances...

Stage Two, Second Floor  
New Voices in Michiana: Ensemble Concept/21

New Voices in Michiana: Ensemble Concept/21 7pm

This ensemble from Indiana University South Bend will perform pieces of composers from South Bend and Bloomington, IN as well as new pieces by Columbia...

Music Center, Concert Hall  
The Conference of the Birds

The Conference of the Birds 7:30pm

Without the presence of Simorgh—a mythical bird from Iranian mythology—the birds of the world have no direction. To find their beloved King, the flock must...

Theatre Center, Studio 404  
Student Performance Night

Student Performance Night 8pm

An evening of student choreography.

Dance Center, Theater  

Friday, April 20