Columbia College Chicago


Thursday, February 1

The Association for Black Sexologists and Clinicians National Conference

This inaugural conference held at Columbia College Chicago will explore the history and art of Black Sexuality and Relationships. Romantic and kinship...

Over & Over

In Over & Over, artists work with themes of pattern and repetition through the use of habitual behavior and sustained methodology, obsessively rhythmic...

Graduate Student Welcome Back Social

You’re back from winter break and ready to embark on a new semester. You might also be ready for that spinach artichoke dip you had way back when you...

Self Defense and Street Smarts

Learn how to reduce your risk of being a victim of a crime and ruin an assailant’s weekend if they choose to attack you.

Student Piano and Strings Recital #1

Columbia piano and strings students will perform at the Sherwood Concert hall.

Thursday, February 1