Columbia College Chicago

618 S. Michigan Ave.

The 618 S. Michigan Ave. building was designed by architect William Carbys Zimmerman in 1913. Known as the Arcade Building, the 10-story building sported a grid-like façade with large windows and minimal masonry and housed specialty shops, photographers, publishers and the American Red Cross. The seventh floor of this building was also home to Columbia from 1927 until 1936 when it was associated with the Pestalozzi Froebel Teachers’ College.

618 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL, 60605

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Rafa left a review 4/29/2019

I love this kind of exhibitions in favor of immigrants. For any help or collaboration that i can offer you, contact me at

abdul moid

abdul moid left a review 4/22/2019

The NOC Tools

NOC Services Tools
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The Five Essential Tools of Network Operation Center Services:
Incident Tracking through a Ticketing System
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Celina Atangana

Celina Atangana left a negative review 9/28/2018

This didn't even end up happening and I went to school for nothing

Paige Barnes

Paige Barnes left a review 9/25/2018

The outlet was shot so they couldn't use the waffle maker. Wish they would've sent out an email or some form of contact before I went over.

Elliott Scott

Elliott Scott posted a photo 3/16/2018

Cheers for Ears 2018 Cheers for Ears 2018

Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore left a positive review 8/29/2017

It was so beautiful and fun

Janet Harper

Janet Harper posted a photo 4/19/2017

Michael Martz

Michael Martz left a positive review 8/30/2016

This was a perfect evening. You get to see all kinds of beautiful views of the the city, and you get taken out on the lake to see the city from the water. I took a few hundred pictures and videos.

Michael Martz

Michael Martz left a positive review 8/31/2016

Everyone should see Willis Tower at least once. This event was a lot of fun.

Sandraneta Marsh Adams

Sandraneta Marsh Adams left a positive review 5/3/2016

Good people good food