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Columbia College Fair Trade is an organization that aims to raise awareness and build support for the principles of environmental sustainability, ethical production methods, fair wages and safe working conditions. We provide representation for Columbia, with the goals of our school becoming a designated ‘Fair Trade University’ to continue providing justice to those in developing countries and normalizing ethical buying practices. We are currently working towards replacing all currently sold coffee and tea with fair trade products, selling sustainably constructed clothing in both the Columbia Bookstore and through other organizations, as well as working with upcoming events that promote sustainability.

Join us at our bi-weekly meetings on Monday at 11:30am in 623 S. Wabash Ave. - Room 703!! 

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Zoë Vulgamott

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Ashley Woosely

Olivia Cupp

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Ana Sanchez

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Zoë Vulgamott

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Ashley Woosely

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Elizabeth Shorrock

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